Standalone Shelves

Why We Love Standalone Shelves for 4WDs?

It is always a great idea to invest in some 4x4 storage standalone shelves as it allows you to properly organise all your equipment, while maximising the use of space and ease of use. As 4WDs are built to travel through tricky terrain, there may be a lot of bumping and bouncing around which can be a hassle if all your gear is flying about from place to place. Good aftermarket 4x4 storage can help minimise this trouble and make your journey a whole lot smoother. Apart from being purpose-built and very easy to install, our 4WD standalone storage shelves come with several benefits.

Efficient Storage

A good set of standalone shelves are indeed a very smart solution to all your storage concerns. It increases efficiency by allowing you to neatly store away all your essentials, equipment and belongings rather than having them stored loosely in your car. This reduces clutter and the chance of them getting mixed up in your vehicle. Too much clutter can block the rear window which can be quite hazardous to you and your passengers.

Easy Packing

Packing for a trip can be quite tedious, especially when you have to plan out how exactly you’re going to fit everything in your 4x4. Having a good set of storage shelves makes the whole process a lot easier and systematic, allowing you to easily check off everything on your list and properly pack it away. And better yet, unpacking also becomes a stress-free job.

Increased Space

While our 4x4 storage standalone shelves can’t magically make more space in your vehicle, they will ensure you are best using the space that is there. This allows you to bring along more passengers and travel more comfortably with all your belongings safely and neatly packed away. Plus, many of our shelves can be incorporated with Cargo pet barriers to make the best use of your 4x4’s interior space.


The best thing about 4x4 storage standalone shelves is that they are quite discreet. They safely hide away all your belongings rather than leaving them in plain sight. This can avoid theft by ensuring that your expensive equipment, such as cameras and tripods, are not immediately visible to anyone who passes by.

Looking for More Storage Solutions?

4x4 storage standalone shelves isn’t all we have at KAON. Your roof rack can also be optimised to carry must-have equipment, all you need are the right Roof rack accessories! Mount your MAXTRAX and more so you can easily grab them when you need to.

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