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Mounting brackets and accessories come in handy in just about every situation you could get into when you’re 4WDing. Thankfully, whether you need to move your factory reversing camera, want to add a travel oven to your car set-up or need to correct door sag, KAON has the answer. As one of the leading manufacturers and developers of brackets, racks and mounts for 4x4s, we have a wide range of carefully designed, highly durable options.

Racks, Mounts, Brackets & More to Handle Any Challenge

Our extensive collection of brackets and mounts allow you to customise your 4WD the way you want, while addressing any issues that occur, as well as solving commonplace 4WD problems. For instance, if you've installed a winch on your car, chances are you’ve discovered that your number plate is perfectly positioned to be in the way. But with our flip-up mounting bracket, you can flip your number plate up and out of the way, and get to work.

But the KAON spirit of innovation doesn’t stop there. Big or small, we love to find a solution. Take vehicles with a rear-mounted spare tyre, for instance. If you install larger wheels or tyres on your vehicle, the larger spare tyre can rub away at the rear door and remove paint. It’s a frustrating problem with a simple fix though. Simply use one of our spare tyre spacers and the problem is solved!

We also have innovative 4x4 storage solutions so you can really pack more in your next trip. When it comes to offroading or camping problems, you’re sure to find the perfect solution at KAON.

Shop Smart Racks & Mounting Brackets

Don’t settle for subpar, poorly thought out roof rack mounts and accessories. Do right by your 4x4 and yourself and choose KAON every time. Explore our range now.

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