Roof Rack Accessories

Top-Tier Roof Racks & Accessories for 4x4 Driving

On any off-road adventure, you sometimes need a storage solution for your awkward or extra items. When your car’s interior won’t suffice, why not get your gear in order with our 4WD roof rack mounting brackets and accessories? At KAON, our 4WD roof racks and roof platform accessories make extra storage a breeze. These safe and secure accessories can withstand even the roughest roads and tracks.

Whether you’re short on space inside your vehicle or striving to avoid cluttering your cargo area, a roof rack can provide you with a space-saving alternative for carrying various equipment and cargo. To fully maximise your roof rack’s capacity, adding roof rack accessories can help secure all your gear in place. With these 4x4 roof rack accessories, you can mount large and unwieldy items that will not fit inside your vehicle. You can fit anything — from large luggage to wet, dirty or sandy gear — ensuring that your cargo remains clean and dry. You can quickly transport your favourite sporting equipment to the trail, lake, mountain or beach.

KAON offers a wide range of roof rack 4x4 accessories, including roof rack brackets, shovel holders, roof rack U bolts and roof rack clamps. We also offer accessories from leading brands such as Rhino-Rack accessories, MAXTRAX mounts, MAXTRAX pins, and 4x4 mounts and brackets.

Choosing the Right Roof Rack Accessories

Choosing the right 4WD roof rack accessories can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re working with. That’s why it’s important to do a mental ‘stocktake’ before making a purchase. Consider which items you will store in your roof rack — be they bikes, boards, kayaks or equipment for camping, fishing or skiing — and whether the type of rack you’re working with will hold them in place. Bear in mind that some accessories will fit only in specific roof rack types and that roof racks will have a maximum load-bearing capacity. (Check your car’s manual for the specifics.)

Once you’ve sized up the situation, you should be better equipped to make a decision. Whatever decision you make, KAON has exactly what you need for the situation at hand.


KAON knows campers and off-road adventurers. As 4WD enthusiasts ourselves, we go above and beyond to source and produce equipment that we know you’ll love. In fact, you’ll find our store has more than 90% products that only we design, manufacture and sell, so when you buy from us knowing you’re buying something innovative and specialised. You won’t find quality like this anywhere else!

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At KAON, we create 4x4 roof racks and accessories that are easy to install and built to last. These are all made from rugged and durable materials to ensure that they can handle heavier loads and long days out on the road. For greater load-bearing capacities and more relialbe makes, shop for roof racks at KAON.

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