Transmission Coolers

As off-roaders, we put our 4WDs through a lot. Whether it's prolonged driving on a soft sandy beach, tackling a steep track in 4-low, or even something as simple as towing, automatic transmissions can take a bit of a beating. An aftermarket transmission cooler reduces your transmission fluid temperatures, helping to prolong the life of your transmission and boost the overall performance of your 4x4.

What Activities Can Cause Transmission Oil Temperatures to Increase?

Many factors can put a strain on your transmission. Tough tracks or inclined mountain roads, towing, strenuous driving — especially in hot weather — and stop-start driving to name a few.

What Happens If My Transmission Fluid Gets Too Hot?

The optimal operating temperature for your transmission fluid is 80–90°C. When your transmission fluid reaches temperatures above the recommended range, it can result in varnish forming, seals hardening and plates slipping, as well as seals and clutches burning out. Eventually, these will lead to leaks, and pressure losses, and ultimately, the failure of your transmission. It is estimated that approximately 90% of all transmission failures are caused by overheating.

How Can I Prevent My Transmission Fluid From Overheating?

Installing a transmission oil cooler can make a substantial difference to operating temperatures, lowering them by up to 30°C.

Our transmission cooler kits for the Toyota Prado 150 and Toyota FJ Cruiser come with almost everything you need to complete the installation of an automatic transmission cooler. Our kits include stainless steel brackets, a genuine TruCool, Drivetech or Davies Craig transmission cooler, plus the hose clamps and hose. You can even purchase genuine Toyota automatic transmission fluid, so you can get the majority of what you need to complete installation at KAON.

Installation of our transmission cooler kits takes no more than 1–2 hours, and uses existing holes and captive mounting points, requiring no drilling or screwing into your vehicle.

We also sell separate transmission cooler brackets allowing you to install an upgraded automatic transmission cooler in your Toyota Prado 150 with little fuss. Made from stainless steel, they are hardwearing and are resistant to rust or corrosion. Fitting certain Davies Craig or Drivetech cooler models, they are designed to clear air conditioning hoses and pipes in the engine bay.

If you’re after ways to improve the performance of your 4x4 vehicle, shop our range of transmission coolers today.

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