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Securing loose luggage inside your vehicle is a constant battle on rough, corrugated roads. Cargo barriers allow you to secure cooking gear, bedding, camping equipment, recovery gear or pets with a dog guard for car – they can make sure that your pet is able to travel safely in the rear of your 4x4. They can be often overlooked as storage accessories, but a functional, well-made cargo barrier can greatly improve your camping and off-roading experience.

Here at KAON, we create innovative 4x4 protection, touring and storage accessories – such as 4WD cargo barriers and pet car barriers for SUV – that are made to last, so you can explore with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cargo Barriers

What are cargo barriers?

Cargo barriers are fence-like barricades that are usually made from fabricated steel. They are mounted behind the front seat or in the rear of your 4x4 vehicle to provide additional storage structure and protect you, your passengers and even your pets in the event of a collision.

What are pet barriers? Why would I need a pet barrier?

Pet Barriers are exactly what the name implies. They are barriers designed to be placed behind the back seat of your vehicle, restricting the movement of your pets within the cargo hold or boot or the car. Current cargo barrier options on the market are available in a variety of different materials and designs, including metal, cloth, net or plastic – all of which can greatly affect the ease of install and the longevity of the barrier. There are various reasons why you should install a pet barrier. Pet barriers serve two general purposes: they restrict your pets to a particular area in your vehicle and protect you and your pet when accidents happen. Owners are often inclined to interact with their pets during long drives. However, this behaviour can be dangerous, distracting the driver from the road, leading to accidents. Having a barrier can also provide some protection for your pets. In case of an accident, your pet can be thrown towards the front window if no barriers are restricting it.

Do I need to have a cargo barrier?

Unsecured baggage, objects or equipment placed at the rear of your vehicle can potentially harm you, your passengers, and can even cause irreversible damage to your car or possessions. Whether caused by a particularly unexpected rough track or a collision with another vehicle,  it's always better to make sure everything is safely secured, just in case.

Do cargo barriers have a load limit?

Yes, cargo barriers are tested to withstand forces of up to 60kgs. Always check the user instructions that come with the barrier to ensure paramount in safety as well as other important safety advice.

My car has factory curtain airbags installed, can I still put in a cargo barrier?

We design our cargo barriers to work in vehicles with curtain airbags, ensuring that the barrier will not prevent them from deploying around mounting positions. For this reason, our cargo barriers are spaced 150mm from the interior sidewalls of the vehicle.

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Here at KAON, we create innovative protection, storage, touring and camping solutions that are made to last, so you can explore with confidence. Our highly-equipped workshop utilises state-of-the-art CNC machines, and the wide range of manufacturing processes used in the production or our gear helps to support local businesses and provides local jobs. All our KAON branded products are designed and manufactured in Australia, ensuring you’re receiving high-quality camping and touring accessories. We also handpick and sell innovative and high-quality accessories by brands from all over the world. So if you are looking for camping gear online, KAON has got you covered. Feel free to browse all our products.

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