Shovel Holders

Bring Your Shovel Anywhere With Our Trusty Shovel Holders

Travel anywhere with your handy shovel using our sturdy, high-quality shovel holders! As simple as a shovel is, it’s the perfect all-rounder tool both off-road and at the campsite! When you get stuck in a sticky situation while off-roading, a shovel is the simplest recovery tool to help you free your vehicle. At the campsite, a shovel allows you to level the ground for your tent, dig a fire pit, move embers in the campfire and so much more! Plus, if nature is calling and there’s no toilet in sight, a shovel helps you take care of business. So you see, it's a simple tool with unparalleled utility.

Why You Need Rack Shovel Holders for Your Next Trip?

Sure, you can just shove your shovel inside your boot if you want to, but it can be a little muddy and messy. There's a reason why outdoor enthusiasts get shovel holders; you can't deny their benefits.

Saves on Storage Space

Mounting tools, such as shovel holders, help keep your things organised. They also free up some of your precious storage space, so you can make room for other essential gear.

Helps You Locate Your Tool Easily

A neat and organised space helps you find things faster, especially in a cramped vehicle. When all your items have a designated storage place, it's easy to remember where you’ve put them. Plus, having your shovel mounted in view makes it easy for everyone to find.

Keeps Your Vehicle Interior Clean

A shovel's primary purpose is to dig. As a result, this tool constantly gets covered with dirt, mud and grime. Keeping your used shovel inside your vehicle will bring dirt inside the car, which no one wants. With our shovel holders, you can mount your shovel on your roof rack to keep the inside of your car clean and pristine.

Can Be Fitted With Other Tools

These mounting brackets are also super versatile! They may be called shovel holders, but they're not limited to carrying shovels. You can use them to mount your axe, torch, oars, fishing rods and so much. Attach them anywhere, whether it’s on your roof rack, cargo barrier or under the seat.

A Selection of High-Performance Recovery Equipment & Accessories

Get ready for your off-road adventure with KAON. Find a wide selection of recovery equipment and accessories from Australia's most reliable brands, like MAXTRAX Accessories and TRED! Whether you’re a MAXTRAX fan or a TRED Accessories lover, these recovery boards are a must to help get your vehicle out of ditches, mud, sand and more. If that's not enough, we also have Recovery Tow Points so your 4WD can be pulled out of trouble if needed. Browse our range now and shop for these essentials.

Dig Yourself Out of Any Tricky Situation With KAON!

KAON provides only the best tools and equipment to help you experience a safe and fun adventure. Our shovel rack holders help you keep one of the simplest and most essential tools on hand while you travel. Shop our shovel holders now and get easy access to one of the handiest tools around!

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