Easily Recover Your Vehicle From Any Trouble With Our 4x4 Recovery Gear

If you’re prepping for an off-road adventure, make sure you take the time to shop 4x4 recovery kits. The outback has unpredictable, rugged terrain — that's the fun of it! But it also means you can easily get stuck at any time. Having your 4WD recovery gear organised will prepare you for all kinds of outback obstacles, whether it be sand, rocks, water or mud. Ranging from recovery tracks to protection plates, these simple yet effective accessories will keep you out of trouble and allow you to enjoy your adventures stress-free.

1. Recovery Tracks

Recovery tracks are a must for your 4WD recovery gear kit. These are simple, sturdy boards with a firm, rough surface that you shove between a stuck tyre and the ground. The rugged surface of the tracks helps your tyre gain the traction necessary to free your vehicle. But how do you know which recovery tracks you should choose? There are currently two brands dominating the recovery tracks industry, MAXTRAX and TRED. With stellar reputations, they are both well-loved and trusted for providing durable, easy, and efficient vehicle recovery solutions.


MAXTRAX recovery tracks are built with lightweight yet incredibly robust nylon that is reinforced and designed to withstand the tough Australian conditions. These recovery tracks are made in Australia, and have been tested on various terrains to ensure that they are both highly durable and versatile. Moreover, they come with clever features such as flexibility, repairable teeth, easy grips, large cleats and a double-edged design to make recovery easier than ever! By adding MAXTRAX accessories such as MAXTRAX recovery tracks to your kits, you’ll be better equipped to handle that rough Australian terrain.


Another Aussie brand, TRED’s 4x4 recovery tracks have earned a reputation for easily enduring the harsh Australian climate. Packed with anti-wear properties and equipped with extreme-grip nodules and secure ramp entry teeth, these tracks are not only durable but also extremely efficient for vehicle recovery. What’s more, TRED’s recovery boards can also double as a shovel or a ramp. The brilliance in their design is that you can link the tracks together, creating an extra-long recovery surface without the need for additional joiners. Get your TRED boards and TRED accessories from KAON now!

What Else Do You Need in Your 4X4 Recovery Kit?

1. Tyre Deflators and Inflators

Did you know that having tyres with incorrect air pressure is one of the most common reasons why vehicles get into trouble? In fact, it’s crucial that the air pressure in your tyres suits the terrain it’s tackling. Being able to deflate your tyres for rough, irregular off-road terrain is therefore very useful, and goes a long way in terms of keeping your car moving. This is why we recommend a tyre deflator as part of your 4WD recovery gear kit. With the right tool, you can also quickly re-inflate your tyres once you're back on a regular road.

2. Recovery Tow Points

Sometimes recovery tracks won’t cut it, and your vehicle will need to be towed out of trouble. To achieve this, you'll need a secure point of attachment to recover your 4x4. That’s why we have a selection of strong, reliable and highly-rated recovery tow points to help you easily pull your vehicle to safety without causing any damage.

3. Mounting Accessories

Always know where your 4x4 recovery gear is with our range of mounts, holders and brackets. These mounting accessories are designed specifically for recovery gear such as recovery boards and shovel holders. They provide easy access, allowing you to grab your accessories quickly when you need them. This convenience is essential when you find yourself in a sticky situation!

Recover From Any Trouble With KAON!

Don't let the possibility of getting bogged or stuck stop you from pursuing your great outback adventure. Accidents like these may happen, but with the right equipment, you’ll be back on track in no time. At KAON, we offer a wide selection of 4WD recovery gear to ensure that all off-road enthusiasts are as safe and practical as possible. We want to make your trips fun, smooth and stress-free, and give you the tools you need to take on various terrains and challenges. Prepare yourself for wherever the open road may lead with 4x4 recovery kits!

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