Looking for mounting brackets for your 4x4's 12V electrical system? Well, good news! KAON has a whole range of mounting options for all your electronics on your next camping and touring trip.

If you're travelling off-road for days, you'll need some electrical equipment fitted on your 4WD to help you survive the rough, wild terrain with ease. Our range of mounts, racks and brackets will help you set up your storage and wiring system inside your 4x4, keeping your electric systems protected and in place while inside your vehicle. They are also an excellent solution to keep your electronics, tools, and equipment neat and organised too.

Charger Brackets

A DCDC charger will help maintain your vehicle’s battery charge. It's a non-negotiable off-road essential, however bulky it is. Don't know where to place your DCDC battery charger? These devices should be kept where they can be easily seen and protected.

Our charger brackets will give you a practical and robust solution when you don't know where to place your charger inside your 4WD. It will mount your battery charger in the engine bay in front of the radiator for improved cooling and performance. Alternatively, you can set up the mount under your seat. More importantly, these brackets protect your chargers against bumping into other equipment.

Air Compressor Mounting Brackets

A portable air compressor is another off-roading must-have. This is because while’s it’s important to deflate your tyres a little before hitting the trails to handle rocky or uneven terrain, you’ll need fully inflated tyres once you get back on the road. With a portable air compressor, you can inflate your tyres at your convenience, rather than when you reach the next service station. With our air compressor mounting bracket, it's easier to find and reach your air compressor as soon as you need it. No need to waste time rummaging through your stuff when everything is organised and has its designated place.

Light Bar Brackets

Travelling off-road at night can be dangerous without proper lighting. You do not have the city lights that help you see clearly, making you more accident-prone. Moreover, there will not be enough light sources to do anything when you stop over and rest. Installing LED lights on your vehicle not only helps you see but also keeps you safe by helping you keep track of your surroundings when you're outdoors in the middle of the night.

Our range of light bar brackets lets you easily install LED lights in your 4x4. These mounts ensure your LED light bar stays securely fastened to your vehicle at all times. Browse our universal LED light bar brackets suitable for Rhino platform racks that make for easy installation.

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Discover a wide selection of mounting brackets for your electrical devices at KAON! Whether you need mounting products suitable for Rhino platform racks or light bar brackets to hold your LED lights, we've got them all here! These products are sturdy and reliable to keep your expensive equipment safe and protected while travelling. So shop our brackets and more now to keep your things safe, neat and organised, so you won't have any trouble finding anything you need when you’re on your trip.

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