Why You Need Underbody Protection

4x4 underbody protection protects your vehicle’s fragile radiator, sump and driveline from getting damaged when driving off-road. This damage can come from sticks and rocks being flicked up while driving or physical impacts from logs or large rocks. One bad slip off-road can mean a lot of expensive repairs. But, a good way to prevent these expenses is to add some protective plates under your vehicle, like Engine and transmission guards.

Underbody Protection Range at KAON

KAON provides a wide range of 4x4 underbody protection that is perfectly designed for your vehicle. We provide underbody protection in the form of engine and transmission guards, shock guards and fuel tank guards. Let's take a closer look at some of the types of 4WD underbody protection.

Engine Guards

Engine guards or transmission guards are also called bash plates. Your vehicle may come already equipped with light bash plates, but these are very often made from plastic or other lightweight materials that won’t offer you the protection you need on those real off-roading adventures. This is why we’ve designed aftermarket bash plates that offer a much more robust solution to protecting your engine against any damage that can be inflicted during 4WDing.

Our custom off-road bash plates are manufactured from steel or stainless steel. They are carefully designed with recessed bolts, cooling cut-outs and carefully placed folds and bracing to provide strength and support where needed. Plus, precision CNC laser cutting and pressing guarantees accurate and hassle-free fitting.

Fuel Tank Guards

Fuel tank guards protect your vehicle from damage, including punctures, that comes from driving in harsh conditions. Even if you’re not driving off-road, there could be debris on the road that can potentially puncture your fuel tank and cause leakages. KAON’s fuel tank guards are tried and tested to ensure only the highest-quality protection for your vehicle’s fuel tank.

Shock Guards

Shock guards are attached to your rear suspension and help protect your 4WD’s shock absorbers from getting damaged by stones or gravel. Our shock guards are made from sturdy stainless steel to offer maximum protection. You can also choose powder coating in a hard-wearing, textured matt black finish to aid resistance to chemicals, oils and weathering.

Shop Underbody Protection at KAON

All our 4WD underbody protection products are proudly manufactured in Australia according to industry standards. They are made to be durable and withstand any off-road conditions, giving you the peace of mind you deserve, not to mention your money’s worth. Browse all our 4x4 underbody protection online at KAON today and protect your 4WD!

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