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KAON provides a wide range of 4x4 underbody protection that is perfectly designed for your vehicle. The sole purpose of fitting underbody protection is to protect your vehicle’s fragile radiator, sump and driveline from damage when off-road. This can be in the form of sticks and rocks being flicked up while driving along or physical impacts from logs or large rocks. One bad slip off-road can cause you hugely expensive repairs. If you can prevent that by adding extra weight in the form of transmission protection or engine guards under your vehicle, you’d be mad not to. 


Our custom offroad bash plates are manufactured from steel or alloy. As with anything, there are premium and poor quality products available on the market. KAON provides only the highest quality of engine parts & tools with all our Bash Plates designed & manufactured locally here in Australia to ensure you’re receiving top-quality off-road protection. Even though your vehicle may be equipped with a bash plate already, those that came with your vehicle are very often made from plastic or other lightweight materials that won’t be able to offer you the protection you need. 


The 4wd bash plates we manufacture are carefully designed with recessed bolts, cooling cutouts and carefully placed folds and bracing to provide strength and support where needed.  Precision CNC laser cutting and pressing guarantees accurate and hassle-free fitment. All 4WD Underbody Protection Products like Toyota Bullbar Splash Guards, FJ Rear Shock stone guard, Bolt head protectors, Fuel Tank Guard and more are proudly made here in Australia.  Our vehicle underbody protection is made to be durable that can withstand any off-road condition, giving you the peace of mind you deserve when you buy 4x4 steer guard from KAON. Browse all our bash plate collections so you can find what exactly you are looking for.