If you love customising your off-road ride, you need to know about strut spacers. This is because upgrades and off-road accessories installed on your 4x4 can cause tension on your suspension springs. Heavy but necessary camping and touring accessories, such as a winch or a bull bar, weigh down parts of your vehicle. Moreover, the constant long drives by themselves can already wear your vehicle out. Those extra kilometres cause wear and tear to your 4WD, including the springs in your suspension. This constant strain on your suspension can cause the springs to contract, resulting in sag and alignment issues.

When this happens, strut spacers offer a convenient and economical solution to lift and level your vehicle. A coil strut spacer also avoids the need to do major suspension work, which can save you time and money. It's one of the easiest ways to give your vehicle a lift without the need for expensive modifications or new parts.

A Solution to Uneven Weight Distribution

Do you need to level your vehicle? Or do you simply want to raise your vehicle back to its original height? KAON's high-quality coil strut spacers are ideal solutions to give your 4x4 a lift without buying a complete suspension kit. Coil strut spacers are designed to fit on top of the strut assembly while allowing the wheel to sit on the stock hub assembly.

These strut spacers can compensate for uneven load distribution, sagging, and spring settling. Fitting the proper spacer between the spring and the spring seat can give you an instant lift in your 4WD’s ride height. You can also add coil strut spacers instead of replacing coil springs to accommodate other modifications on your 4x4.

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Install a set of strut spacers on your vehicle and achieve the desired alignment and ride height you want. KAON's collection of strut spacers provides a convenient and economical way to level your vehicle without replacing your struts. You'll find front and rear suspension spacers to fit various 4x4 models, including Toyota favourites like, LandCruisers, FJ Cruisers, Prados, Rangers, Tritons, Pajeros, and more! Buy our top-rated coil strut spacers now for an easy 4x4 lift!

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