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The Importance of Awning Mounting Brackets for 4WDs

As one of the most trusted outdoor shops in Australia, KAON works hard to bring you equipment and accessories that will transform your off-road adventures, including 4x4 brackets and mounts. These 4WD brackets and mounts can be attached to your vehicle as a way to create additional storage space. They’re designed to securely hold equipment, devices and accessories, such as lights, radios, fire extinguishers and more. It is crucial that when you travel, you don’t cut down on necessary items just because you lack the storage space. Travelling off-road for a few days or more requires a fair amount of gear to ensure safety in any number of scenarios. This is why 4x4 brackets and mounts are such useful and often vital additions to your vehicle.

Shop a Wide Range of 4x4 Mounting Brackets

Here at KAON, our collection of mounts and brackets includes products that have been designed for very specific purposes. These products include gas bottle mounts, aerial and antenna mounts for the bonnet and side mirrors, travel oven mounting brackets, reversing camera relocation brackets and LED light bar brackets, to name a few. Our mounting brackets are therefore not just for improving storage capacity, but for allowing your vehicle to take on new features and abilities that will make your off-road adventure run more smoothly than ever before.

For example, our rear spare tyre mounts are a tool for utilising an under-appreciated space for potential storage — the rear spare tyre. From this point, you can store step ladders, a Maxtrax, and a gas bottle; or even mount an aerial. Similarly, air compressor mounting brackets introduce air compressors as an additional feature for your 4WD. Air compressors give you the ability to pump up and deflate your tyres when needed to tackle rough terrain. Our rust-resistant and durable air compressor mounting brackets are specifically designed to store this tool conveniently behind the airbox of your vehicle.

Find Great Off-Road Products at KAON!

Planning for your next off-road adventure? Make sure you're well equipped, as you can never predict what might happen outdoors. Fortunately, KAON stocks everything you need. We have an extensive range of high-quality equipment and 4x4 accessories for all adventures, seasons, and situations. A market leader in the Australian outdoor industry, KAON has all the camping, storage, engine and transmission products, parts and accessories to make your off-road dreams come true. Shop now for your next off-road adventure at KAON and enjoy great deals on 4WD awning brackets!

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