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There is no limit to what an adventurous company offers. As one of the most trusted outdoor shops in Australia, KAON works hard to bring you equipment and accessories that will transform your off-road adventures.

The products in our "More" category offer more support and convenience to elevate your off-road experience. Check out our miscellaneous collection for easier, more fun outdoor adventures!

Maxtrax Accessories

Simple, light, and durable, a Maxtrax board is a must-have in your emergency kit for any off-road adventure. These recovery boards will help you free your vehicle from dirt, mud, or snow. Pioneering recovery boards, Maxtrax is the industry leader when it comes to durability, efficacy, and design.

In addition, you’ll get more out of your recovery boards with Maxtrax accessories! We have Maxtrax mounting kits that mount your recovery board on the exterior of your vehicle, where they’re easy to access. Plus, you can keep your recovery boards in top condition with replacement teeth and get that grip your tyres need in tough conditions.

Mounts and Brackets

When travelling for days off-road, you’ll need to carry loads of stuff with you. If there's not enough room for your tools and equipment in your vehicle, mounts and brackets will hold your things. Our mounts and brackets for your 4WD are designed to securely hold equipment, devices, and accessories, like lights, radios, fire extinguishers and more. Take a look at our comprehensive collection of mounts and brackets suitable for a range of cars and equipment.


If you're looking for a moderate increase in lift height for your SUV or 4WD, coil strut spacers are your best bet! Coil strut spacers are used to level out the front of trucks and SUVs through a coil spring collar. They are great solutions for managing uneven load distribution, spring settling and sagging. In addition, our coil strut spacers are typically made of high-grade aluminium to keep them from rusting.


To ensure your vehicle's electrical components remain in place even on the bumpiest of tracks, we also have a range of electrical mounting brackets. Find mounts for your air compressor, charger, lights and more.

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Planning for your next off-road adventure? Make sure you're well equipped; you can never predict what can happen outdoors. Never fear, KAON has what you need. We have an extensive range of high-quality equipment and 4x4 accessories for all adventures, seasons, and situations. A market leader in the Australian outdoor industry, KAON has camping, storage, engine, and transmission products, parts, and accessories, and more, to make your off-road dreams possible. Shop now for your next off-road adventure at KAON!

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