Engine & Transmission Guards

Get the Ultimate Protection With 4x4 Engine Transmission Guards

Driving through rocky, irregular off-road terrain makes your vehicle vulnerable to damage, especially the underbody — it’s why you need 4x4 engine and transmission guards! You'll never know what you'll encounter out on the tracks and what damage you might do to your vehicle. That's why it's always important to have your off-road vehicle outfitted for Protection! You can never be too prepared for the challenges the outback can throw at you. Luckily, KAON has your back with our great range of 4x4 engine, transmission and other underbody guards.

The Tough Protection Your 4WD Needs

Be confident driving off-road. There's no need to worry about underbody damage when you have engine and transmission guards. At KAON, we provide top-quality engine guards and transmission guards designed to cover and preserve the critical working of your vehicle.

Our 4x4 sump guards are made from high-quality steel designed and manufactured locally in Australia. They can help block any sharp rock or stick that might interfere with essential components of your 4x4.

A Full Range of Vehicle Protection

At KAON, we are constantly innovating to give you the best 4WD experience, drawing from our own outback adventures. That’s why you can now complement your engine and transmission guards with a complete underbody protection solution from KAON.

Fuel Tank Guards

Protect your fuel tank from inconvenient and potentially dangerous punctures while driving in harsh off-road environments. Proudly Australian-made, KAON Fuel Tank Guards are tried and tested to ensure only the highest-quality protection for your vehicle.

Shock Guards

Get maximum protection against stones, rocks, road debris and more with shock absorber guards. Our line of Shock Guards is made with high-quality stainless steel with optional powder coating in a hard-wearing, textured matte black finish. Rest assured our shock guards are resistant to chemicals, oils and weathering. They're capable of withstanding Australia's harshest conditions, so you can enjoy your 4x4 anywhere and in any weather!

Discover the Best in 4WD Gear & More

Whether you’re an off-road expert or a novice, you’ll find plenty at KAON to make your next 4x4 journey the best yet. From protection for your vehicle to space-savers and storage solutions to camping accessories that guarantee you can cook your favourite meals on the move, KAON has everything you need.

Safeguard Your 4x4's Critical Underbody Components!

Searching online for 4x4 engine and transmission guards? Get the best underbody protection for your vehicle with KAON's engine and transmission guards.

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