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Be confident when you are driving off-road! No need to worry about damaging your engine & transmission guards and transmission accessories. To ensure you protect your vehicle from any accident you need to consider sump and transmission underbody & engine guards or bash plates. We provide top quality engine guards and transmission guards designed to cover and preserve the important mechanics of your vehicle. Since your drivetrain has many exposed moving components like chains, belts and shafts it’s critical to protect and cover these elements with a sump guard. Our 4x4 sump guards are made from high-quality steel designed and manufactured locally in Australia and can help block any sharp rock or stick that might interfere with important components under your vehicle. From Mitsubishi bash plates to Toyota bash plates, our stock is full of actuator and transfer case guards for a various range of makes and models.  We pride ourselves in only offering top quality premium engine guards and 4x4 accessories.


Our engine and transmission guards are created from heavy-duty materials made in Australia adhering to all standards so you know your vehicle is well equipped and protected from any outside force. The high-level protection and slim design give your vehicle maximum clearance with no modifications. Our front steer guard is highly durable. Designed specifically to last and to prolong the life of your 4×4, rather than needing frequent replacements. Avoid cheap alternatives or copies using lesser factory-fitted engine and transmission guards as you don’t want to risk paying twice. We only provide high quality tried and tested splash guards designed and made to perfectly fit your 4wd.