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What Types of Mounts and Brackets Are There?

As off-roaders, we know that half the fun of getting out there and exploring is modifying your 4x4 with accessories to suit exactly how you like to travel. Whether you’re a long-distance remote tourer, a tough-track weekend warrior or a relaxed beachside camper, there’s so many gadgets and gear to suit every setup.

With so much innovative, cutting-edge gear available nowadays to make travelling safer, easier and simpler, we’re guilty of a few ‘treat yourself’ moments ourselves. Often though, the biggest challenge after purchasing a new bit of tech is working out exactly where, and how, you can mount it. Much of our range is designed to solve small problems like this. In fact, often a seemingly humble bracket is the very thing that takes new gear to the next level: mounting them in clever ways, accessible spots, or finding a new way to utilise unused space. It’s these kinds of simple solutions we thrive on at KAON, ones that address the real problems of life on the road.

We make a variety of mounts and brackets to suit a whole host of popular vehicle makes and models, as well as popular 4WD roof rack brands. We’ve pulled together a few of our most popular options here.

Aerial and Antenna Mounts

We have a wide range of aerial mounting options, catering specifically for the Toyota LandCruiser LC200 Series, Toyota Prado 150 Series, Toyota Prado 120 Series and the FJ Cruiser. Some of the styles we have available are Side Mirror Mounting; Bonnet Mounting; Rear, Stacked Rear and Double Rear Mounting; as well as the popular FJ Bandi Style Mount.

Flip-Up Number Plate Brackets

Great for preventing number plate loss on water crossings or just for easy access to your winch, our Flip-Up Number Plate Brackets allow up to 120 degrees of movement and are pretty much universal, meaning they’ll work on just about any vehicle and bar combination.

DCDC Charger Brackets

Our DCDC Charger Brackets make mounting in your engine bay easy by using existing holes. They are also positioned for optimum cooling and performance. We have options to suit popular Redarc, Projecta, Intervolt and Cteck models.

Fire Extinguisher Mounts

Keep your fire extinguisher within arm's reach. With both driver’s side and passenger side options, Our mounts attach to the front of your seat and allow the fire extinguisher to slide freely with the seat.

Air Compressor Mounts to Suit the ARB Air Compressor Range

Make mounting the ARB Single or Twin Air Compressor in your engine bay easy with our range of mounts. We also have additional brackets to enable you to mount your switch and relay directly to the compressor.

Maxtrax Mounts to Suit Popular Rhino-Rack, Yakima, Rola and Front Runner Models

Our Maxtrax Mounts provide quick access for even quicker recoveries, as well as allowing for a secure and lockable mounting system, so you know your Maxtrax will stay put – no matter what the tracks throw at you.

Travel Oven Mounts

Securely mount your 12V Travel Oven to the underside of our KAON Standalone and Cargo Barrier Shelves. Take advantage of unused vertical space in the rear of your car and keep your Travel Oven up and out of harm's way. Compatible with Travel Buddy 12V Marine, Travel Buddy Small, KickASS and Road Chef Travel Ovens.

Light Brackets

Make easy work of attaching LED camp lights or light bars with our brackets options designed to suit the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform.

Camera Relocation Brackets

Our Camera Relocation Bracket for the Prado 150 allows for easy relocation of the factory reversing camera – so you can mount your bin bag on the spare tyre, while also gaining a better view of your tow ball.

Transmission Oil Cooler Brackets

Designed to provide easy, neat and professional looking installation of an auto transmission cooler, our Transmission Oil Cooler Brackets require no drilling by attaching to existing holes and captive nuts, and are specially designed to clear all air conditioning hoses and pipes.

What Are Our Maxtrax Mounts and Other 4x4 Accessory Brackets Made From?

Our range of custom off-road accessories brackets and mounts are all made from precision laser cut and pressed Stainless Steel, chosen for its strength, hardwearing nature and resistance to rust. We often powder coat our range in a durable textured matt black finish, which further protects the mounts whilst also helping them blend into your setup – after all, the mounts themselves aren’t the stars of the show.

Shop Our Range of KAON Mounts, Brackets and Roof-Rack Accessories

We know your car is as unique as you are and that half the fun of building your dream 4x4 is getting your hands dirty. But we also know that, sometimes, things don’t go to plan. If in the pursuit to build the ultimate setup you find yourself off-track, we’re on hand to help with questions, advice and assistance; whether that be online, a call or in-person at our Brisbane workshop.

Find ways to take your setup to new heights by shopping KAON’s full range of Roof-Rack Accessories, Brackets and Maxtrax Mounts.

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