Roof Rack Mounts

What Types of Roof Rack Mounts & Brackets Are There?

As off-roaders, we know that half the fun of getting out there and exploring is modifying your 4x4 with accessories to suit exactly how you like to travel, from handy roof rack mounts to a space-saving foldaway table. Whether you’re a long-distance remote tourer, a tough-track weekend warrior or a relaxed beachside camper, we have gadgets and gear to suit every setup. Often though, the biggest challenge after purchasing a new bit of gear is working out exactly where, and how, you can mount it. Much of our range is designed to solve small problems like this. In fact, even seemingly humble roof rack brackets are often the very things to take new gear to the next level: mounting them in clever ways, accessible spots or finding a new way to utilise unused space. It’s these kinds of simple solutions we thrive on at KAON — ones that address the real problems of life on the road.

At KAON, we make a variety of brackets and mounts to suit a whole host of popular vehicle makes and models, as well as popular 4WD roof rack brands such as Rhino-Rack. We’ve pulled together a few of our most popular options here.

Recovery Gear Mounts

When you’re taking on tough terrain, enjoying sandy beaches and exploring your surroundings during camping trips, it is important that you are equipped with appropriate recovery gear. Things like recovery boards, Maxtrax and even shovels can put your mind at ease on adventurous outings, and save you in a pinch. To store this gear, it’s essential to have sturdy recovery roof rack brackets and mounts.

Awning Mounts

Among the most useful of our 4x4 roof rack mounts are our awning mounts, which quite simply ensure that your awning is attached securely to your vehicle. These products are lightweight but strong, and prove to be extremely hard wearing and withstand years of use. Depending on your needs, you can find awning mounts that are adjustable, as well as super quick and easy to install. These mounts are designed to ensure that weight is evenly distributed.

Light Brackets

LED lights are essential for safety and convenience when navigating off-road tracks, which are often poorly lit. It’s worth mentioning that on country roads, you’re more likely to encounter unexpected hazards such as potholes and wildlife. The major benefit of installing lights onto your 4WD’s roof racks is that you give yourself additional lighting without sacrificing space on the bull bar for more traditional spotlights. Make easy work of attaching LED camp lights or light bars with our bracket options, which are designed to suit the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform.

What Makes Our 4WD Roof Rack Brackets & Maxtrax Mounts So Durable?

Our range of roof rack mounts and brackets are all made from precision laser-cut-and-pressed stainless steel, which was chosen for its strength, hardwearing nature and resistance to rust. We also powder coat options in our range for a durable textured matte black finish, which further protects the mounts while also helping them blend into your setup. After all, as sleek as they are, the brackets and mounts themselves aren’t the stars of the show.

Shop Our Range of KAON Mounts, Brackets & Roof Rack Accessories

We know your car is as unique as you are and that half the fun of building your dream 4x4 is getting your hands dirty. But we also know that, sometimes, things don’t go to plan. If you ever find yourself off-track in the pursuit to build the ultimate setup, we’re on hand to help with questions, advice and assistance; whether that be online, via a call or in-person at our Brisbane workshop. Find ways to take your setup to new heights by shopping KAON’s full range of roof rack mounting brackets now!

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