Out-Back Spare Wheel Mounts

Rear Spare Tyre Mounts for Awesome Space-Saving Solutions

With our spare tyre mounts, your spare tyre can become even more of a storage wonder. Our specially designed spare tyre mount brackets allow you to easily store must-have equipment somewhere super convenient and within easy reach should you need it. For instance, you can keep that spare gas bottle or your Maxtrax safe and secure on your rear-mounted spare tyre. Alternatively, the rear spare tyre is the perfect spot to mount an aerial or light, making sure it’s easily accessible but still out of the way. When space is at a premium, these easy-to-install mounts are a perfect solution.

When it comes to car accessories, like brackets and mounts, KAON has you covered. We are car enthusiasts who take pleasure in providing the greatest quality items for off-road fans. We create items that you can really depend on, using our expertise and knowledge to create the finest and most robust products out there. Our rear spare tyre mounts are no different.

Discover a Range of Space-Saving Solutions at KAON

We have a wide range of smart 4x4 storage solutions to ensure you can fit the essentials, along with a few luxuries, in your car, without compromising safety or performance. To do so, we look at ways to innovate on underutilised or unused space, like your roof or rear-mounted spare tyre. With our roof rack mounts, you can safely store recovery equipment, like Maxtrax boards or a shovel. We even have an option for your camping table, so you can enjoy a quick meal wherever you stop! It’s this kind of thinking and real-life experience that makes KAON stand out from the rest.

You’ll Never Want to Leave Home Without Your KAON Rear Spare Tyre Mounting Brackets

Our rear spare tyre mounts make your rear-mounted spare tyre an even more effective storage solution. If you’re heading off-road, whether it’s for the weekend or to travel the entire country, you’ll love how easy it is to mount gear and gadgets to your spare tyre with these clever space-saving brackets. Grab yours now.

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