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Drop Down Tailgate Tables for Convenient Food Prep, Work & More

If you want to maximise the space of your 4x4 vehicle, you need to install a 4x4 rear door camping table. No need to bring bulky tables on your road trips or camping adventures — this drop down camping table will allow you to have the functionality of a regular table without needing to take up any space in the back of your car. At KAON, we have different camping tailgate tables that are designed to fit with a variety of 4x4 vehicle models, with more being added all the time. Plus, all our drop down rear door camping tables are made from high-quality stainless steel.

Why Do You Need a Tailgate Camping Table?

Like many of our camping & touring accessories, the 4WD drop down table is not exclusively for camping — it is a convenient tool for use on any occasion. You can use it to prep food during picnics, or as an additional space when you're doing a project outdoors. Or, if you ever find yourself needing to do a little work on the road, it’s perfect for setting up your laptop and turning the great outdoors into your office.

Easily Bring Your Kitchen Along for 5-Star Meals Every Night Under the Stars

Our camping tables also pair excellently with our BBQ accessories, as they provide a food preparation and temporary storage space to use while cooking outdoors. You’ll quickly become everyone’s favourite camp cook when you can easily pack the whole functionality of a kitchen in your car, thanks to our great travel ovens & accessories too.

Why Choose KAON for Your All Outdoor Adventure Needs?

Here at KAON, we manufacture premium, expertly designed 4WD gear for use on road trips and camping adventures. 25 years of manufacturing experience and a passion for 4x4ing and camping means we create touring and camping equipment that you can trust. Our well-equipped workshop features state-of-the-art CNC machines and a wide range of manufacturing processes supporting local jobs and businesses. All our KAON-branded products are designed and manufactured in Australia, ensuring you’re receiving high-quality items made for the Aussie environment. We also handpick and sell innovative accessories from all over the world.

So, if you are looking for camping gear online — from camping tables to mounts and brackets — KAON has got you covered.

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