At KAON, our mission has always been simple: to provide solutions that are cleverly designed, meticulously engineered and address real problems. That’s why we sell Mann Hummel Catch Can Reducer Adaptors, dust caps, front differential fill, drain plugs and so much more to give you the best 4x4 journeys you could possibly have.

Mann Hummel Catch Can Reducer Adapter

The hardest thing about a DIY installation of a Mann Hummel Catch Can is getting the hoses to connect to the catch can. That’s why we offer a range of reducer adaptors to make the job as easy as possible. CNC machined from billet aluminium and manufactured in Australia, this reducer screws right into the outlets of the catch can. Plus, the tapered thread is self taping and screws firmly into the plastic outlets. This means you won’t have to drill holes or use any sealants when ensuring that oil and other contaminants won’t build-up inside your engine’s intake manifold. Our reducer adaptors run the gamut from 13mm to 19mm to match your catch can.

Other Equipment

If you need easy to install front diff fill or drain plugs to suit a Toyota, we have the parts for you. Our front differential plugs use a solid 19mm hex that won’t strip or round, so you can have peace of mind knowing your next diff oil change will always be fuss-free.

Our dust caps are designed to securely fit in the female ARB air hose fitting of your single or twin ARB compressor. Hard wearing, they won’t melt or warp with high engine bay temperatures. They are resistant to wear and corrosion, and come with a hole for optional tethering so you won’t lose them in your engine.

For All Your Other 4x4 Needs

Whatever your problem, we have the simple solutions, particularly when it comes to engine accessories! This includes differential plugs and tools, and replacements to whole transmission cooler kits.

An aftermarket transmission cooler reduces your transmission fluid temperature, prolonging the life of your transmission and boosting the performance of your 4x4. Plus, our transmission cooler kits come with just about everything you’ll require to install an automatic transmission cooler. We also sell separate cooler transmission parts so you can upgrade your 4x4’s cooler transmission with little fuss.

Additionally, we have engine tools for you that will make completing work on your engine a breeze. Further we have tools that’ll let you do a compression test without having to remove the glow plugs and all the other associated parts.

For the Greatest Camping Experience Ever

Whether you’re heading into the mountains, off to the beach, or just into the outback, we have a range of reliable and practical gear designed to make 4x4 camping and touring the best it possibly can be. From our tailgate rear door tables to our oven accessories and barbeque accessories, you’ll be able enjoy great meals no matter where you are.

Make the Perfect Trip Even Better

Our 4x4s go through a lot on our journeys, from beaches to brooks, exploring everything Australia has to offer. That’s why at KAON we always seek out simple ways to maximise performance and find solutions to real problems. Our gear is engineered to meet any task you need to conquer and get you back enjoying the road as soon as possible. With Australia waiting, don’t waste time, browse the KAON range today.

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