Maxtrax Accessories

Why do I need a Maxtrax Mount?

They’re a saviour on tough tracks and sandy beaches, but there’s nothing worse than trying to find a spot to put filthy Maxtrax after they’ve just saved your hide. Roof Rack Maxtrax Mounts enable safe and secure roof mounting, so they’re right where you need when you need them most. Our designs are all compatible with Maxtrax brand Mounting Pins. These provide quick access for even quicker recoveries, as well as allowing for a secure and lockable mounting system, so you know your Maxtrax will stay put – no matter what the tracks throw at you. With quick and simple installs, as well as comprehensive fitting instructions, Maxtrax Mounting Plates are one of the most useful roof rack accessories money can buy.

What type of 4wd roof rack do I need to use a roof rack, Maxtrax Mount?

We have a range of roof rack Maxtrax Mounts that are compatible with various racks from leading brands.

The most popular style we see on customer vehicles is a platform system, which tends to utilise a slot nut to securely mount roof rack accessories. We currently manufacture mounts compatible with many leading platform rack systems, such as the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform and Pioneer Platform Tradie, Rola Titan Tray, Yakima LockNLoad Rack and Front Runner Platform Racks. We also have an option for popular sports and heavy-duty cross bar roof rack systems, including those from Thule, Rola, Rhino, Yakima and Pro Rack.

Which Maxtrax Mount is best for me?

The Maxtrax Mount that is best for you varies and is dependent on a few factors. So, let’s start at the beginning.

First is the type of rack you have installed on your 4x4.

Are you running a platform roof rack? If so, which one? Brand, model and type all play a part here. For instance, as the industry leader, we have more options catering to Rhino Rack, in particular the Pioneer Platform. Or maybe you’re thinking “Yikes, I have no roof rack at all.” Never fear! We also have an option that lets you safely and securely carry your Maxtrax on your vehicle's rear-mounted spare tyre. The benefits of this Maxtrax Mount also include the ability to mount a Hi-Lift jack, as well as the lower positioning of the mount providing even easier access for those who struggle with roof-mounted gear.

Next, you need to consider the individual needs of your setup.

Many of our Maxtrax Mounts have been designed to respond specifically to the needs of customers, and have evolved over time:

  • Have a lot of roof rack accessories already mounted, and space is at a premium? To ensure your Maxtrax occupy less roof footprint a Side Angle Maxtrax Mount may be the best option for your setup.
  • Have a rooftop tent mounted, or carry a lot of bulkier goods on your rack? An Angled Wind Deflector Maxtrax Mount could assist with reducing wind noise and optimising your fuel efficiency.
  • Live inner city and have a small garage or need entry into low-clearance underground parking? Our Stealth Folding and 30mm High Folding Maxtrax Mounts might do the trick.

Ultimately there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which mount is best for you. Knowing the requirements of your setup is a good way to work out which Maxtrax mounting plate can best serve you.

What other Maxtrax Accessories are there?

Whilst Maxtrax are known for their hardy and durable construction, sometimes a tough recovery can result in a few melted teeth. Replacement teeth are a great option for extending the life of your Maxtrax, and are quick and easy to install. Ours are made from CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminium, so they’re light and strong, and will have your Maxtrax working better than new in no time at all.

KAON Maxtrax Accessories for 4wd Roof Racks

They’ve become synonymous with the 4x4 scene for good reason; there’s no tool quite like a set of Maxtrax. Track building, sand dunes, mud, clay, even levelling the campervan... they’ll do it all.

Find the best way to incorporate a set into your setup by shopping our full range of Maxtrax Accessories and Maxtrax Mounts.

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