TRED Accessories

Never Again Fear Where You Tread With 4WD TRED Accessories

No 4x4 adventure should ever begin without a 4WD TRED kit on hand. 100% Australian, TRED manufactures high-performance, reliable outdoor and Recovery Gear for all kinds of explorers around the world! Your 4X4 is a heavy and powerful machine, so you need recovery accessories that can handle the job. That’s why 4x4 TRED kits are designed so carefully to handle the weight, impact, torque and flex of your vehicle with ease. Plus, their special features, like extreme hex-grip nodules and strong ramp entry teeth give you that stable traction you need to get out of even the stickiest of situations. So when you go outback, you can be confident and prepared for any challenge, thanks to your 4WD TRED kit.

What Will Be in Your TRED 4x4 TRED Kit?

TRED Pro Recovery Boards

A recovery track gold standard, a TRED recovery board is a multipurpose off-road piece of equipment that helps you recover your vehicle out of any sticky situation off-road, whether it's sand, mud, sludge or slime. It's a simple tool yet so cleverly designed to give your 4x4 or ATV the traction it needs to free itself from any ditch.

TRED Levelling Packs

Travelling soft tracks can eventually get your vehicle, caravan or trailer bogged down. Luckily, TRED's ultra-strong levelling products feature a unique TRED-Link design and anti-sink plates to keep your vehicle level and secure while getting some traction. As a result, levelling your setup has never been easier, thanks to TRED’s 4WD levelling kits!

With a wide range of levelling blocks, various mounting options, drainage holes and the patented TRED-Link design, these TRED accessories are perfect for your next 4x4 adventure.

TRED Wheel Chocks

Built from superior-quality, automotive-grade polypropylene, the new TRED GT Wheel Chock is designed to safely and securely keep your 4x4 from moving. Like every 4x4 TRED kit and product, their wheel chocks feature a TRED-Link system to fasten each unit together for easy storage and use. The design also includes a fixing point for a rope, so you can easily store and retrieve your chocks. They also feature a rigid grip profile to ensure a firm hold with your tyres.

4WD TRED Mounts So You Can Act Fast

When you get stuck off-road, you don’t want to waste valuable time digging through your stuff for your recovery gear. Our 4x4 TRED mounts will ensure your TRED recovery gear has its proper place and is clearly visible, so you can easily retrieve it as soon as you need it.

A Wide Range of the Most-Trusted Recovery Equipment

KAON makes a wide range of recovery equipment, including TRED and Maxtrax accessories, to help you out of trouble! Furthermore, we offer rated Recovery tow points for a strong mounting point when your vehicle needs to be pulled out of a tight spot. We also have a selection of mounting accessories for various pieces of recovery equipment, including Shovel holders and recovery board mounts, so you always know where your recovery gear is.

Drive the Road Less Often Taken With KAON!

Don't be afraid to explore unpredictable off-road terrain with reliable 4WD TRED kits and mounts from KAON!

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