Always Have Somewhere to Stop in the Shade With Our Awning Brackets

With our awning mounting brackets, you can enjoy your next road trip or camping trip all the more. Our awning brackets are sturdy, stable, and, even better, universal. Since car awnings now come in so many shapes, sizes and makes, it makes sense to grab one of our universal mounting brackets so you’ll never have trouble attaching your awning to your car, even if you change awning models.

Why Do You Need KAON’s Awning Mounting Brackets?

The awning mounting brackets at KAON have been specially designed to be the best around for attaching your choice of awning to your car rack. Strong, adjustable and lightweight – our universal side awning brackets suit most 270 degree awnings available on the market, and ensure that weight is distributed evenly across the roof rack. All of our awning brackets are made of stainless steel, with some options powder coated with a durable matte black finish to prevent it from any potential corrosion.

All of our universal mounting brackets are easy to install and remove, and can be mounted facing up or down to suit your height requirements and setup. If you aren’t sure how many brackets you may need, we recommend two brackets for awnings up to 2 m long, and three brackets for standard 2.5 m long awnings. While you are at it, you may need a roof rack mounts too, which we also have in stock at KAON.

Buy a Universal Mounting Bracket at KAON Now

At KAON, we are passionate and experienced about anything and everything relating to car accessories and spare parts for touring. Our strong roots in engineering and our cutting-edge 3D scanning technology help us bring this same passion to our customers with the high-quality products we have on offer, from water tanks to brackets and mounts. Our awning brackets are the perfect tool you need to supplement the awning of your choice, and set up a space wherever you go that’s safe from rain and the harsh Aussie sun. So, grab yours today!

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