Always Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy in Your Car

Travelling with a fire extinguisher in your car is a great idea because you never know when you might need one. This is especially true if you like going on camping trips, long road trips or off-roading. In these situations, you have fewer options to help you out in case of a fire. Though having a fire extinguisher handy is a great idea, it can often be tricky to store one correctly for quick access in case of an emergency. That’s why at KAON, we have under-seat extinguisher brackets that help stow away your extinguisher right at your feet in a safe and secure way.

Why Do You Need KAON’s Fire Extinguisher Brackets?

The fire extinguisher brackets we have at KAON are designed to offer you maximum utility with minimum fuss, and are quick to install with no drilling needed. They ensure that your fire extinguisher is tucked in tight to the seat’s edge and move with the seat, thus keeping it out of the way and providing plenty of leg space for the driver. All our extinguisher brackets are made of precision laser-cut and folded 304 stainless steel, and do not affect or interfere with any seat adjustment mechanisms.

Having the right fire extinguisher mounting bracket can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency, and it is a great accessory to have as you prep to stay on the road for a long time. When preparing for time on the road, you may want to also look at some of our recovery tools and accessories to minimise the risk of your car getting stuck in a place with little access to help.

Buy Fire Extinguisher Mounting Brackets at KAON

At KAON, we get excited about anything off-road, whether it’s accessories or spare parts. Plus, we have the engineering and technological chops to back us up. As a result, we have lots of quality products to satiate all their needs and make life easier on the road. Lots of drivers like having a fire extinguisher handy in their car, but with our under-seat extinguisher brackets, we make it easy to stow one away in a location that is safe, yet quick to access. We also have other kinds of brackets and mounts available as well, making KAON your one-stop shop for all your 4x4 needs. Be sure to grab your fire extinguisher mount today!

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