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Dust Cap to Suit Your ARB Compressor

At KAON, we’re all about finding ways to address tricky problems with simple solutions – and our range of engine accessories is no different. From smaller items, like diff plug tools and replacement diff plugs to entire transmission cooler kits, we’ve got you covered. Installed your compressor in the engine bay? Stop dust getting into your ARB compressor outlet with a compressor dust cap. Made to suit the ARB twin compressor and ARB single compressor, these caps are 3D-printed using ABS plastic.

Differential Tools

If you've ever changed your front differential oil, you'll know how tricky it is to remove the original fill plug or diff drain plugs, particularly on some Toyota models like the HiLux, Prado or LandCruiser. Their position makes accessing it with an allen key awkward, and the factory hex hole is easily stripped and irreparably damaged, which can result in an expensive trip to the mechanic.

Our diff tools are essentially adaptors, designed to allow the use of a 24mm socket or ring spanner to remove a stubborn diff plug, and reduce your chances of stripping the 10mm hex. Made with hardened and tempered steel, these tools are designed to withstand the high levels of torque required when changing your diff oil, making your next differential oil change easier than ever.

Differential Drain Plugs and Differential Filler Plugs

Not unlike our diff tools, our plugs use solid hex heads that won't strip or round, so you can have peace of mind knowing your next diff oil change will always be fuss-free. Our diff drain plugs also come with extra strong rare earth magnets on the end, which collect and hold any metal shavings present in the oil.

Engine Compression Testing Tools

Save hours of labour by easily testing and diagnosing problems with our engine compression testing tools. These tools give you the ability to perform a compression test, without needing to remove the glow plugs or more in order to get to them.

Provent Reducers

Catch cans are a worthwhile aftermarket accessory on many vehicles, preventing oil and other contaminants from causing buildup inside the intake manifold. The most difficult part of installing a Mann Hummel Provent catch can yourself is getting the hoses to connect to the catch can. Our Provent reducers screw into the outlets of the catch can with a 16mm hose tail. An O-ring is used to provide a pressure-tight seal. Meanwhile, a tapered thread screws firmly into the plastic outlets and is self-tapping. Plus, they’re all CNC-machined from billet aluminium. Say goodbye to drilling holes or using sealant on your catch can.

Transmission Cooler Kit

Our transmission cooler kits can lower the temperature of your transmission fluid by up to 30°C, ensuring optimum operating temperatures and helping your car run more effectively and efficiently.

Our kits for the Toyota Prado 150 and Toyota FJ Cruiser come with almost everything you need to complete the installation of an automatic transmission cooler. Our kits include stainless steel brackets, a genuine TruCool, Drivetech or Davies Craig transmission cooler, plus the hose clamps and hose. You can even purchase genuine Toyota automatic transmission fluid, so you can get most of the bits and pieces you need to complete installation all at Kaon.

We also sell separate transmission cooler brackets allowing you to install an upgraded automatic transmission cooler in your Toyota Prado 150 with little fuss. Made from stainless steel, they are hardwearing and are resistant to rust or corrosion. Fitting certain Davies Craig or Drivetech cooler models, they are designed to clear air conditioning hoses and pipes in the engine bay. They also attach to existing holes and captive nuts, and so require no drilling or self-tapping screws to install. This ensures a simple and professional appearance for your install.

We also sell complimentary items to assist with your automatic transmission cooler changes, such as hose lengths and genuine Toyota or Lexus automatic transmission fluid. If you’re after ways to improve the performance of your 4x4 vehicle, shop our range of engine parts, tools and accessories today.

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