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Owning a 4x4 means you can visit and access the most precious yet secluded locations here in Australia. From beaches to bushes, your 4x4 vehicle allows you to enjoy all of these natural sites. If you like going on an adventure, your vehicle can be your best friend. However, 4x4 vehicles are not cheap, and to make the most out of your camping and touring experience, you must select the right storage accessories, so you can bring all the necessary things you need and maximise your 4x4’s storage capacity. Lucky for you, KAON creates touring, camping, and 4WD storage solutions that are cleverly designed and meticulously engineered so you'll remain trouble-free in your adventure.

4x4 accessories online, but since they are readily available, it can be challenging to choose the right and most appropriate accessories for your vehicle. This is why we have come up with helpful tips for all off-roading enthusiasts. With our tried and tested measures, you can identify the best approach for setting up your 4WD storage systems.

Setting Up Your 4x4 Storage Accessories

1. Identify Your Storage Demands Before Modifying Your 4x4.

The more you learn about your vehicle, the more capable you would be to buy off-road mounting accessories and storage accessories while keeping your vehicle problem-free. For example, if you use your 4x4 as your daily vehicle, you might want to purchase a removable cargo barrier rather than a half cargo barrier that is permanently installed. Similarly, if you want to maximise the space of your vehicle, you might want to purchase 4WD storage shelves instead. You must first identify why you would need storage accessories before getting them online.

2. Research Before Making A Purchase.

When buying 4x4 storage accessories online, you will find various types of storage, which can make you confused about which one is useful for you. Your 4x4 vehicle has a lot of storage space already but adding the right accessories can boost its capacity. When you have a lot of storage in your 4x4 vehicle, you can enjoy your off-roading adventures more because you can bring the essentials you need and other things you might need throughout your journey. Researching will also help you decide what type of storage accessories is perfect for your vehicle and how cargo barrier installation works, so you’ll be prepared if you’ll have to install them on your own. For instance, if you have a pet that you’d like to bring when you go on adventures, getting a pet cargo barrier is your best option. You can also find other accessories that serve a dual purpose. One example would be a pet cargo barrier that’s also a luggage shelf.

3. Find Out Your Payload

Another crucial aspect that you should consider before purchasing 4x4 accessories is your vehicle’s payload. This may include all your accessories such as your cargo barrier, roof rack, bull bars, and other things you bring when camping, such as a small refrigerator with food, tent, cooking equipment, water gallons, camping chairs and tables, spare parts and tools, portable electronics, and at least three adult passengers are some of the weight you should consider. Payloads can vary considerably in every 4x4 vehicle and usually averaging between 550kg and 1100kg. If you are thinking of towing something, add its weight as well, but be careful not to exceed your payload because you might put your vehicle in danger of breaking while you’re on the road.

How to Store Cargo Safely in Your Storage Accessories?

For heavy and hard items such as your toolbox, you should place them underneath the other luggage. They should be placed against the rear setback as this will maintain the position of the item and prevent them from moving too much when driving on rough terrains. Don’t overload your vehicle with things that are not essential on your camping trip. Your storage accessories can only hold a certain amount of weight, and overloading them may cause them to bend or break. Ensure that the heavier items do not fill up to two-thirds of the way up the rear back seat, and lighter items should always come on top. In case of collision, items on top won’t hit your cargo barrier with a strong force, and you won’t be worrying about the light items above, even if they are slightly moving.

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Here at KAON, we manufacture and sell premium camping accessories. With 25 years of manufacturing experience and a passion for 4x4ing and camping, we create touring and camping equipment that you can trust. Our well-equipped workshop features state of the art CNC machines and a wide range of manufacturing processes supporting local jobs and businesses. All our KAON branded products are designed and manufactured in Australia, ensuring you’re receiving high-quality camping and touring accessories. We have also handpicked and sold innovative, high-quality accessories from all over the world. So if you are looking for camping gear online, KAON has got you covered. Feel free to browse all our products.

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