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Ensure your safety and vehicle are protected on your next off-road off adventure. Fuel Tank Guards are an important element of 4wd underbody protection when it comes to off-roading, protecting your 4x4 from inconvenient and potentially dangerous punctures. 


If your 4wd isn’t fitted with a quality fuel tank guard you’re exposed to potential damages when you’re offroading. A Fuel Tank Guard is designed to protect your vehicle from damages and punctures that comes from driving in harsh environments. KAON design and engineer high-quality fuel tank guards proudly manufactured here in Australia. Our fuel tank guards are tried and tested to ensure only the highest quality protection for your vehicle. 


Even if you’re not driving off-road, protecting your fuel tank is still important. While highways and main roads might not have the same coarse conditions, there are still unexpected factors that can damage your fuel tank. To prevent such occurrences, you can fit this to your 4x4 fuel tank guard and guard your vehicle against any outside force that could potentially cause harm to your fuel tank. 


We manufacture fuel tank guards for a variety of makes and models such as the Toyota Fuel Tank Bash Plates made specifically for Toyota vehicles.