Fuel Tank Guards

Protect Your Fuel Tanks With High-Quality Fuel Tank Guards

Ensure your tank's safety against punctures and other damage with our line of 4x4 fuel tank guards. Fuel tank guards are a critical element of your vehicle's underbody protection. As much as possible, you want to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’s why it’s always best to be prepared, like carrying extra fuel for your 4x4 in jerry cans or even storage fuel tanks. Similarly, adding fuel tank guards will help ensure your vehicle won’t run into issues with fuel when you’re off-road.

Driving your 4WD without a fitted quality fuel tank guard exposes you to potential harm when off-road driving. A 4x4 fuel tank guard protects your vehicle against the damage and punctures that can occur when driving in harsh environments. Luckily, KAON designs and engineers high-quality fuel tank guards to give your 4x4 the underbody protection it needs. Our fuel tank guards are proudly crafted here in Australia, and they are tried and tested to deliver only the highest quality protection for your vehicle.

Protecting your 4x4’s fuel tanks is still important even if you're not driving off-road. While highways and main roads might not have the same rough conditions, unexpected factors can still damage your fuel tank. To prevent such occurrences, you can fit our 4x4 fuel tank guard to your vehicle and shield it against any outside force that could cause harm to your fuel tank.

Get the Ultimate in Underbody Protection!

Driving through tough, rocky off-road areas can leave your underbody vulnerable to damage. You never know when a large rock or a wayward branch might leave your 4WD worse for wear. KAON's line of underbody protection, like our Engine and Transmission Guards, acts like armour for the exposed components under your vehicle, so you can drive into off-road territory with confidence. From 4x4 fuel tank guards to Shock Guards, you can strengthen your 4WD’s defences, thanks to KAON.

Safeguard Your Fuel Tank With KAON!

At KAON, we’re passionate about the 4WD adventures. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to tackle those far-off tracks and make some fantastic memories. So shop our line of 4x4 fuel tank guards today and get ready to go off-road!

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