Dividers & Molle Panels

Do You Need Dividers & Molle Panels?

Molle panels and cargo dividers are an excellent way to maximise your 4x4 storage, allowing you to organise your gear and minimise clutter. With KAON’s range of carefully designed and expertly manufactured side molle panels and cargo dividers for 4x4s, you’re getting durability, strength and convenience in one great package.

Cargo Dividers & Molle Panels: The Answer to Your 4WD Storage Problems

There are two key benefits any outback or off-road driver gets when they use our cargo dividers and side molle panels in their 4WD: safety and convenience.

When properly installed, our quality cargo barrier dividers ensure camping gear and clutter stays put — and this can be a real issue if you’re traversing rocky or uneven roads. When you’ve packed your cargo just right, the last thing you need is for it to topple or find its way behind your portable fridge or storage drawers to make trouble. With our cargo dividers and fridge cages, you can trust that everything will be just where you left it, no matter how far you’ve driven.

And it’s not just gear that can benefit from our cargo barriers. We also have cargo pet dividers to keep your furry friend safely in the back of your car, preventing them from injuring themselves or distracting you as you drive.

Our 4x4 cargo dividers and molle panels alike also allow you to utilise additional storage space. Lightweight gear and supplies can be hung from the panels for easy and quick access, whenever you need it.

The Best Molle Panels & Mounts in Australia

From simple mounts to window molle panels and dividers for your car, KAON supplies high-quality gear to avid campers and four-wheel-driving enthusiasts. Modify your favourite 4WD with custom molle panels or whatever else you need to get the most from your off-road experience. At KAON, we create specialised and innovative alternatives you won’t find anything else. In fact, our store is 90% products that only we design, manufacture and sell. As keen campers and drivers ourselves, we go above and beyond to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

Shop Cargo Dividers & Side Molle Panels for Your 4WD

Why not kill two birds with one stone on your next off-roading or camping adventure? Browse our range of sturdy and easy-to-install molle panels and cargo dividers at KAON’s online store. Whether you’re seeking fridge dividers or molle storage panels, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. Order your next part today!

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