BBQ Accessories

Discover a Host of Accessories to Suit Your Weber Q BBQ & Transform Your Meals

Whether you're barbequing outdoors or at home, our accessories made to suit your Weber Q BBQ can improve your overall cooking experience. These specially designed products will help streamline your cooking process and increase efficiency when you're barbequing your favourite meat or veggies. At KAON, we have a range of camping equipment that aims to enhance every element of your touring, camping and off-roading experiences. As part of this range, our accessories are exactly what you need to get the cooking done and the clean up too!

What Makes Our Accessories That Suit Weber Q BBQs So Great?

If you are going to be cooking for any length of time, you will need the right tools and accessories. In many cases, you will need a specific BBQ accessory to help optimise your particular job. Our accessories are compatible with Weber Q BBQs and are specifically manufactured from durable materials that can withstand the higher temperatures of charcoal and even LPG barbecues. These utensils can easily get rid of the residue left on your grill too, so you won’t have to deal with that endless scraping of charcoal residue. Reliable grill cleaning tools aren’t just useful in the short term — they can actually help to extend the life of your grill and keep it looking fresh and new over a long period of time. Some of these accessories can also be used as bottle openers, which are very handy when you’re going camping and need a cool drink after a long, hot day.

What Accessories Do I Need for a Weber Q BBQ?

As avid Weber Q and camping fans, we’ve got plenty of thoughts when it comes to accessories to suit your Weber Q BBQ. For cleaning the grill, a BBQ scraper is essential. A BBQ lid drip tray is also great for keeping the equipment and area clear of grease and oil. At KAON, we also have our very own manufactured side tables and convection trays that are perfect for pairing with compatible barbeques. The stainless steel side tables clip onto the Weber Q without bending or melting, so that you can rest kitchen implements and food on a stable surface. Our reusable convection trays are similarly convenient and also an environmentally friendly choice. These items transform your BBQ into an oven, giving you a tonne of additional cooking options. Other accessories you might like include sausage stands and gas bottle mounts.

Buy BBQ Accessories for Flavoursome Outback Cooking

At KAON, we value rewarding and enriching experiences in the outdoors. Our goal is simply to give our customers the best possible chance at experiencing all the Aussie landscape has to offer. To do this, we have plenty of exceptional camping equipment. All our products are designed and manufactured in Australia, and made to enhance lengthy off-road adventures or even a quick trip away. Our BBQ accessories are no exception.

Shop our online store and get your hands on great BBQ accessories now to level up your outback cooking game!

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