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Confidently Mount Your ARB Air Compressor Today

Think bringing an air compressor on your next 4WD trip is too much? Think again. When it comes to cars, every component needs to be strong, stable and reliable to make that off-road adventure a success — that includes your tyres. Luckily, our team at KAON understands the importance of this and can provide you with everything you need to get your vehicle in order. Having an air compressor on hand means you can pump up and deflate your tyres to easily tackle the terrain in front of you. Conveniently, we have air compressor mounting brackets as part of our brackets and mounts range. Not only do they keep your air compressor handy, but they are rust-free, durable and designed specifically to mount ARB air compressors. They are designed and made in Australia, so you know it is equipped to withstand Aussie roads.

Many of these air compressor brackets also come with switch mounting plates, and conveniently mount air compressors behind the airbox. Plus, all our mounting brackets bolt directly to existing captive nuts. On a similar note, don’t forget to get your ARB compressor outlets dust caps to keep dust out of the air hose fittings. Things will run smoother if you do what you can to protect your compressor outlets.

Explore Other Handy Mounts & Brackets for Sale

Along with air compressor mounts, KAON offers a range of mounts and brackets to make storage and organisation easy for your next trip. For instance, our Aerial and antenna mounting brackets allow car-owners to mount their aerials in convenient and discreet locations including the rear and sides of the car. These can even be fixed to the bonnet without the antenna encroaching on the windscreen or the wipers.

Furthermore, if you need mounting brackets for your 4x4’s 12Vs electrical system, KAON has a range of options for that too. Our electrical mounts and brackets include LED light bar brackets, which are particularly useful when you’re driving through remote areas that don’t have any streetlights. We also have charger brackets, which provide you with a convenient and robust solution to the issue of charger storage. DCDC chargers are necessary for maintaining your vehicle’s battery charge, and they need to be kept somewhere both protected and visible. Our mounts offer the perfect solution.

Shop High-Grade Air Compressor Mounting Brackets at KAON

As Aussie locals and seasoned adventurers, we understand the kinds of preparations that are necessary to get your 4WD off-road ready. It can be stressful, but with first-rate products and a wealth of knowledge, we hope to make your experience easier. We’re happy to talk to you about all your 4x4’s needs and answer any questions you have about air compressor mounts or, for that matter, any other auto accessory. Browse our selection of air compressor mounting brackets today!

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