Aerials & Antenna

Antenna Mounting Brackets for Easy Installation

Our aerial or antenna mounting brackets provide drivers with a secure and discreet location on which to mount their aerials. These mounts are great for someone who enjoys taking photos through their windscreen, or someone who doesn’t want their vision to be impeded by their aerial. Additionally, if you don’t have a bullbar on your car, or if you’ve installed a hoopless-style bullbar, an aerial mounting bracket will make the process of attaching your antenna much easier. With a bonnet hinge mounting bracket, your antenna will sit at the front of your car, clear of both wipers and the windscreen while the bonnet is open. Alternatively, a rear aerial mounting bracket is placed at the back of the vehicle, while a side mirror mount is fixed to the external mirror on either the passenger’s or the driver’s side. Whichever option you choose, the slotted mount allows for easy installation and modification of the aerial and cable.

Innovative Mounts, Mounting Brackets & More

If you require more mounting equipment, we have various types of brackets and mounts to choose from. We stock mounts and mounting brackets for your Maxtrax, number plates, air compressors and reversing cameras.

Our roof rack mounts are also an incredibly convenient addition to your car, especially if you enjoy camping or embarking on road trips regularly. We have universal awning and shovel holder mounts, as well as LED light bar brackets and eye bolts for tying objects down. Spare tyre mounts are yet another handy tool for the side or back of your vehicle, as are gas bottle mounts.

When you’re looking for the perfect mounting equipment for you, keep in mind that different products are designed specifically to fit different cars. At KAON, we have mounting brackets for vehicles such as the Toyota Prado, Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux, FJ Cruiser and many more. If you’re ever unsure what vehicles the mount you have in mind fits, just drop us a line.

Head to KAON For the Best Aerial Mounting Brackets

Is your vehicle ready to take on the wild terrain of Australia’s majestic outback? Well it will be with a strong, sturdy antenna mounting bracket. When you’re driving on unpredictable roads, it’s important that all the external features of your car are secure. An aerial mounting bracket will not only keep your antenna in place, but allow you to install and adjust it with ease, as well as position it in a convenient location. As experienced road trippers ourselves, the team at KAON know how important it is that your vehicle is primed for adventure. Shop our range today for the elite aerial mounting bracket to suit your needs.

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