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Discover Awesome Camping Hand Saws

Whether you are a seasoned camper getting ready for a new adventure or a survivalist looking for the most practical everyday carry items, your next outdoor adventure will go much smoother with camping saws and knives. These tools are necessary for tasks such as cutting branches, building a fire and setting up your camp. When it comes to camping hand saws and knives, the market is full of choices — but it is hard to find one that can live up to your expectations. Luckily, KAON has carefully selected the best camping knives and saws available to ensure that each tool is versatile enough to handle all of your outdoor needs.

Choosing the Right Camping Saws & Knives

A camping saw is convenient for all the activities that form the backbone of your camping adventures. Whether you’re embarking on an overnight camping trip or pursuing long-term outdoor living, you’ll need wood for things like campfires, stoves and construction. A camping saw you can rely on is vital for completing these everyday tasks, as it’ll make it easier to gather and prepare dry wood. That’s why we stock camping saws from world-renowned Japanese brand, Silky.

You might like a foldable camping saw, such as a Pocket Boy, which is capable of completing tasks that are usually reserved for much larger saws. Even more powerful, the Katana is a 500 mm foldable camping saw that can slice through 50 cm tree branches like butter. You could also choose the Nata Axe, which is part camping knife and part axe, and is perfect for gardening and forestry. There’s also the Zubat for highly precise pruning and trimming, or the Sugowaza for superfast cutting, even in slippery conditions.

Explore Our Full Range of First-Rate Camping Equipment

At KAON, we have all the camping hand saws and knives you need — but the extent of our camping collection doesn’t end there. We also carry BBQ accessories and travel ovens so that you can experience delicious home-cooked meals from your campsite. These items and accessories range from portable grills to fire pits and convection trays. We also have drop down tailgate tables to save you from dragging bulky portable tables along with you on camping trips. If you drive a 4x4, you can maximise your space by installing these camping tables onto your rear door. For those of you who are looking to level up your outdoor experience, these tools will help you achieve your camping goals.

Why Come to KAON?

As a company that is Australian-made and owned, KAON supplies products that are designed for the red dirt and rough terrain of the Australian landscape. Our experienced team knows what it takes to thrive in the outdoors and achieve the best possible 4x4ing experiences. This is why you can trust us to deliver on camping items and accessories that will transform your adventures. Shop our site today for incredible deals on camping saws and knives.

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