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Are you going camping? Whether it's your first time or you've done it before, we know how important it is to have the right camping gear for the right application. Our range of camping and touring accessories are designed and curated to help you enjoy your next adventure. Whether you are headed into the mountains, camping on the beach, or planning your epic 4x4 touring adventure, our products have been designed and selected to be reliable and practical. We have designed and used these products personally so you know they will serve you well, making 4x4 camping and touring even more enjoyable.

Getting setup and preparing meals is a big part of camping and touring. Depending on your trip, you will want the flexibility to either prepare a quick lunch or cook up a roast for that fancy communal dinner. Our tailgate rear door tables give you a quick and handy work surface. Our 12V oven accessories and oven trays allow you to bake, roast and reheat meals on the run. And our BBQ accessories allow you to grill and cook your favourite BBQ meals in the great outdoors. If you like cooking over a real fire, we have compact and clever fire pits that can be used for cooking or to contain your campfire. We also carry a range of high-quality Japanese hand saws and knives to make collecting and processing firewood a breeze.

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Here at KAON, we manufacture and sell premium camping accessories. 25 years of manufacturing experience and a passion for 4x4ing and camping means we create touring and camping equipment that you can trust. Our well-equipped workshop features state of the art CNC machines and a wide range of manufacturing processes supporting local jobs and businesses. All our KAON branded products are designed and manufactured in Australia, ensuring you’re receiving high-quality camping gear and touring accessories. We have also handpicked and sell innovative high-quality accessories from all over the world. So if you are looking for camping gear online, KAON has got you covered. Feel free to browse all our products.