COMBO - Diff Plug removal tool and Replacement Diff drain plug with 24mm Hex Head with Magnet

24mm Hex to 10mm Allen Hex Diff Plug Removal Tool
Servicing the front diff on a Hilux or Prado can be quite a task when the diff fill and drain plugs become hard to remove.  If you are not careful, it is quite common to strip the weak 10mm Allen Hex socket in the Toyota diff plugs.  Often, plugs need to be chiselled out when the 10mm hex strips due to tool twisting off axis due to the amount of force required to loosen the plugs.
This tool is designed help remove stubborn diff plugs and reduce the chance of stripping the 10mm hex.  The tool is an adapter which allows you to use a 24mm socket or ring spanner to remove the plug.  One side of the tool has a 24mm hex and the other side has a slightly oversize 10mm hex which is designed to fit snuggly into the Toyota hex plug.  A large flat flange helps keep the tool square and on axis when applying the torque to remove the plug.
The tool is made from hardened and tempered tool steel and has been tested to withstand the large torque required to remove the most stubborn plugs.
Save yourself the headache and wasted time of a stripped plug.  
Replacement Diff drain plug with 24mm Hex Head with Magnet
If you have ever tried to change the Front diff oil in a Hilux or Prado, you will know how hard it is to remove the lower drain plug.  The 10mm allen head hex hole in the Toyota plug is very easy to strip meaning an expensive trip to your mechanic or Toyota dealer.  They will probably remove your plug using a chisel and hopefully won't damage the sealing seat in the process.
This listing is for a replacement diff plug with a 24mm Hex that won't strip and round.  The plug has an extra strong rare earth magnet on the end to pickup and hold any metal shavings in the oil.  Plug is CNC machined in Australia and is protected with an electroplated zinc coating.
This plug will fit
KUN26 Hilux
Prado 120 and 150
FJ Cruiser
Once you have removed the Toyota plug, do yourself a favour and install one of these plugs and make removing the plug a 1 minute job instead of potentially a 1 hour or more job if you happen to strip the 10mm hex.
Genuine Toyota copper washer included.  It is recommended that the copper washer be replaced when installing a new plug.
You will get:
1 x 24mm to 10mm hex diff plug removal tool
1 x 24mm hex replacement diff drain plug with magnet
1 x Copper Washer
CNC machined in Australia.
SKU KS0128
Brand KAON
Shipping Weight 0.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.180m
Shipping Height 0.030m
Shipping Length 0.240m
Shipping Cubic 0.001296000m3
Unit Of Measure ea

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10 reviews


Packaging was really proper, products feel heavy (quality). Haven't used it yet, but I am sure it will work a treat. The removal tool looks mint and of high standards, the laser engraving on the top of it shows that Kaon put thought into designing this product and it isn't just a piece of machined scrap metal or something. The replacement bolt looks great as well, sad it will spend it's life bolted into the front diff... This bolt should be a showpiece

By: on 9 May 2022


Diff Drain Plug tool and new Plug

Far simpler to change than the factory plug. Even comes with a new washer....

By: on 7 October 2021


Prado 120 front diff plug removal tool & replaceme

The product was good quality and worked as described first go. It was a bit expensive for the kit but if you compare what it would cost and the headaches it would create to remove a damaged plug it is cheap insurance, plus ongoing diff oil changes will be trouble free. Happy with the purchase.

By: on 19 August 2021


Diff drain pug tool.

This is a real gem, makes an awkward job an easy job.

By: on 30 July 2021


Perfect tool

Fitted perfectly and did the job. Added bonus is that when I changed my timing belt it also fitted the timing belt tensioner bolt too

By: on 27 January 2021


Dc dc bracket diff drain plug removal tool!

All parts arrived in record time! Very helpful people to deal with! Parts are of high quality!

By: on 24 August 2020


Dc dc bracket diff drain plug removal tool!

All parts arrived in record time! Very helpful people to deal with! Parts are of high quality!

By: on 12 August 2020


Prado 150 Front Diff Tool & 24mm Drain Plug.

Very pleased. Exceptional quality parts . Better than Toyota OEM drain plug IMO. Diff tool also perfect fit.

By: on 22 April 2020


Review Front Diff Tool and 24mm Drain Plug Toyota

As I already stripped off too much of the front differential drain plug on the 120 Prado, this front differential tool wasn't useful to remove the plug. However this front differential plug tool was great to remove the front differential filler plug. My plan is to weld this tool to the front differential filler plug so the replacement front differential plugs will be the same 24mm socket size. If you have purchased this product or reviewed this, it is probably because you've already stripped the front differential drain plug too far you couldn't get it off. I had to weld a old socket to the front differential drain plug then attached a ratchet to remove it (best to use half inch drives). Don't forget to disconnect your battery when welding! The tool was great and the replacement plug fitted as it should. If you need assistance with welding to remove this, I'm happy to assist for no cost. I'm based in Sydney. Contact me emmanuelazzopardi1@hotmail.com. Please ensure you purchase this tool and replacement plug prior to removing the plugs. Kaon does not sell the front differential filler plug so please ensure you buy the tool so you don't strip it!

By: on 16 March 2020


The best purchase I’ve made in awhile

If you own a Toyota in my opinion this product is absolutely a must have. I was able to remove the front differential drain plug on my 07 Tacoma that was completely seized in and have been rounded out by the previous tool I attempted to use which was the 10 mm hex bit required for the OEM drain plug. I was skeptical as to whether or not I would be able to get it out but the tool performed absolutely perfectly and I was easily able to remove the plug. I replaced the original plug with the new one that I also ordered from this company both pieces are made of the highest quality and I could not be happier with my purchase. I received the product very quickly and overall it was a great experience start to finish. My thanks to a great company.

By: on 12 July 2019