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Roof rack mounts, brackets and accessories to help you organize the gear on your roof rack. Roof racks are great for carrying the awkward and extra items we need for our trips and adventures. Our roof rack accessories make it easy to safely secure these items on even the roughest of roads and tracks.

Whether you don't have enough space inside your vehicle or you don't like cluttering your cargo area, a roof rack can provide you with a space-saving alternative for carrying various equipment and cargo. To fully maximise your roof rack's capacity, adding roof rack accessories can help secure all your gears in place. With these 4x4 accessories, you can mount large and unwieldy items that will not fit inside your vehicle. You can fit anything, from large luggage to wet, dirty, or sandy gear, ensuring that your cargo remains clean and dry. You can quickly transport your favourite sporting equipment to the trail, lake, mountain, or beach. 

KAON offers a wide range of roof rack 4x4 accessories, including roof rack brackets, shovel holder, roof rack U bolts and roof rack clamps. We also offer accessories from leading brands such as Rhino-Rack accessories, MAXTRAX mounts, MAXTRAX pins and 4x4 mounts & brackets.

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Roof Rack Accessories

Before buying roof rack accessories, you need to ensure that what you're purchasing is fit for your vehicle and lifestyle. Below are some of the questions you can ask yourself so you can find the right accessories for you: 

  • What kinds of 4x4 equipment or gears will you put on your roof rack? Will you be loading bikes, boards, kayaks, camping equipment, fishing or skiing gears?
  • What kind of roof rack do you have? Some accessories can only fit specific roof racks.
  • What is the maximum size and weight that the roof of your vehicle can hold?? You can check your car's manual for this.
  • Are you planning to carry multiple types of equipment at once? If so, what are they?
  • Do you want additional accessories to hold other tools?

Choosing the Right Roof Rack Accessories!

Determine what you want to transport.

The items you will be putting on your roof rack will determine what accessories you will need. For example, if you plan on bringing a surfboard, look for accessories that will secure your board. If you plan on putting tools on your rack, some accessories are specifically made for a certain tool, such as a shovel mount. Having the widest range of accessories creates endless adventure possibilities. If you enjoy outdoor adventures, choose accessories that can accommodate various types of equipment such as skis, bikes, tents, canoes/kayaks, and whatever else comes to mind.

Look at your vehicle's current roof setup

What kind of roof rack do you have right now? Remember, not all roof accessories can fit a roof rack. You need to make sure that what you will purchase can match the current setup you have. If you are not sure about your setup, some accessories can generally fit any types of roof racks.

Check the strength and durability

A sure way to ruin your adventure is with a rack failure. If you plan on going off-roading, cheap roof rack accessories may not give you the strength and durability you need. Purchase roof rack 4x4 accessories from trusted manufacturers that specialise in creating gears that have been proven to work in harsh environments.

Offers product support

If you want to purchase the best roof rack accessories, buy products from reputable and experienced companies like KAON who can offer support to assist you with installing the accessories or answer all your questions.

Wide product range

Look for a company that offers accessories for a variety of roof racks and vehicles. More accessories will mean more options for you regardless of what car you own. Companies that offer a variety of accessories will also have a better understanding of potential solutions for your needs.

Look for accessories that are made of metal

Plastic can become brittle over time, fades in the sun, has an inferior load rating, and can easily break compared to metal. If your roof accessory has more plastic components, it is more likely to fail early. While these accessories can be cheaper, they might break easier, and are not worth the risk. Be sure to find roof rack accessories made of metal or steel to get the best possible quality.

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