Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount to suit Rear-Mounted Spare Tyres 

The ultimate way to mount your Gas Bottle, Out-Back.

Create a mount to suit your setup. Fixed to the Out-Back Spare Tyre Mount, adjust it up and down, in and out. Run it left, right or even above your spare tyre – with the Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount, it's all up to you. 



  • Side mounting on your spare tyre allows you to still run a rear bin bag or factory reversing camera. 
  • Gas Bottle sits elevated and flush with the sidewall of the tyre, ensuring it’s located safely within your setup.
  • Can be used in multiple positions, depending on the placement of your spare. Place it on the left-hand side, right-hand side or even horizontally above the tyre. 
  • Secure thumb screw mounts for toolless removal of the gas bottle, whilst two sets of slots for straps provide additional securing options. 
  • Positioned at an accessible height on the Spare Tyre.
  • Perfect for those who use their camp kitchen at the back of the vehicle. 
  • Made from 3mm 304 Stainless Steel, powder coated in a durable textured matt black finish that will blend in with your tyre and won’t rust.



  • Suits 1.25kg & 2kg Companion & Gasmate LPG Gas Cylinders. See images or the FAQ tab for gas bottle dimensions. 
  • Compatible with rear-mounted spare tyres from 28-35”.
  • Compatible with most vehicles when mounted above the tyre. Not suitable for side mounting on some vehicles with barn-door style rear doors. Please check the clearances required for side mounting in the images or on the FAQ tab. 



  • 1 x Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount 
  • Optional: 1 x Out-Back Spare Tyre Mount and 1 x Rola Titan Ratchet Strap – Select your preference for with or without the tyre mount above


Australian Designed, Made and Owned. 


PLEASE NOTE: Before purchasing / installing the gas bottle mount it is strongly advised that you check the laws, rules and regulations for the transportation of gas bottles in your area. 

For full dimensions, load ratings, and other important details for this product, see the Product FAQ tab. 


What types of Gas Bottle are compatible with the Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount? 

The provided Thumb Screw mounts are compatible with 160mm diameter 6-opening bottom rims, with holes 30mm wide and 17mm from the bottom edge.

Other Gas Bottles up to 650mm in circumference (205mm diameter) can also be mounted using the vertical and angled cam lock strap slots. 



What clearance is required for the Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount to be used? 

260mm of clearance is required from the edge of the tyre at the centre point, in order to mount the Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount.

When used with the Spare Tyre Mount, this clearance needs to be maintained when the tyre is in all positions, i.e. when the door or rear bar is both closed and open. See the product listing images for more details.

Due to this clearance, the Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount is not compatible with side mounting with some Barn-door models, as the bottle either blocks entry to the passenger side door handle or cannot open fully without fouling on the driver's side taillight.  


What other uses are there for the Out-Back Spare Tyre Mount?

The Out-Back Spare Tyre Mount is fairly universal, and it's uses are almost endless! Along with our Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount, it can be used to mount a range of accessories, like our Out-Back Maxtrax Mount, or 10L water or fuel storage with a Rotopax Style holder.


How much does the Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount weigh when loaded with a Gas Bottle? 

The Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount and Out-Back Spare Tyre Mount weigh a combined 3kg. They hold up to a 2kg Gas Bottle (total weight 3.6kg), so when full the entire mount will clock in at 6.6kg.   


How big is the mounting platform on the Out-Back Spare Tyre Mount? 

The mounting platform on the Out-Back Spare Tyre Mount measures 280x120mm.


Can I use two mounts simultaneously?

Yes, two mounts can be used simultaneously, just be mindful of the mount spacing, as well as overall weight loading on both the rear door and the ratchet strap. 

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Gas cylinder holder

By: on 2 January 2022
Great product, built well. Didn't use the securing knob and plate as it didn't fit my bottle 100%. Plus wasnt sure if the knob will rattle lose. Used the 1m Grunt strap provided and added 1 more. Used the slots in the frame to feed through. Lasted the Perth to Esperance road run and a few beach runs. Haven't tested rough extended 4wding as yet. Strap around the tyre works well. I have the tyre step. Unfortunately with the Gas bracket I can only fit on the handle side of the Prado 120 door. So can no longer use my step. I will look at locations on the RHS top. May need to look to modify to sit above the tyre

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