Product Recall: Windshield to suit Thetford Stoves


Why the product is recalled: 

The design of the windshield can concentrate heat onto the gas stove surface.


What are the hazards: 

There is a risk of serious burn injury to consumers and/or property damage resulting from the hot stove surface, including items directly under the gas stove. 

Please note: this issue does not affect the Windshields to suit Dometic / SMEV units, as both the windshield and stove design are different. 


What customers should do: 

Immediately discontinue use of the windshield/s and uninstall any units from your stove. 

Package up the windshield/s and return them back to us via post. Follow the process below to receive a refund for both the product and return post cost. 



If you purchased directly from us, the steps are below.

  1. Click here to log into your account and click on Resolution Centre.
  2. Open a New Dispute. 
  3. Click Item Dispute. 
  4. Select the Thetford Windshield option, and select the order where you purchased the product initially. 
  5. Dispute the item on your order. If you only ordered the Thetford Windshield, dispute the entire order.
  6. Click Continue. This will lodge your dispute. 
  7. Uninstall your windshield/s and mail them to:
 KAON 4x4, 2 Antimony Street, Carole Park 4300 QLD
  8. Once we receive your windshield/s, we’ll facilitate a refund. 



If you purchased via a distributor, email us at Please ensure to include proof of purchase and your delivery address.





I purchased from a distributor and would like a refund, what do I do next?

Send an email to with your proof of purchase and we’ll log it in our system. To receive a refund, you will need to uninstall your windshield and send it back to us. Once received, we’ll process a refund for the full cost of the windshield plus the postage cost to send the brackets to us. 


What do I do if I don’t have proof of purchase?

No worries. Simply email us and return the units to us to facilitate a refund. 


I have the Windshields to suit Dometic/SMEV units, are these fine to continue using? 

Yes, due to design differences in both the windshield and the stove trivet, there are no concerns with the Windshield to suit Dometic/SMEV stoves. 


If you have any further questions not answered here, contact us