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A key consideration when working out your 4x4 setup and planning for a trip is water storage. Our Underbody 4x4 water tanks are perfect for a quick weekend away, or as additional water storage for peace of mind when heading on a serious trip outback. If you’re interested in 4x4 water tanks, we’ve answered a few common questions below.

Why do I need a water tank setup in my 4x4?

There are numerous reasons why you might consider a fixed water setup in your vehicle. If you’re interested in camping for a few days at a time, having a fixed water setup ensures you have access to water right at your fingertips, when you need it. Not to mention the ability to integrate a pump for ease of use makes a fixed setup even more appealing. If you’re looking at doing any regional travel, it’s always best to ensure that you have adequate water provisions, as often in remote locations the distance between amenities can be hundreds of kilometres. Or if you’re interested in becoming more self-sufficient and doing serious off-road tracks, you’ll know that space is often at a premium. Having the ability to store a significant reserve of water outside the vehicle in an unused space is a huge advantage.

Where does the 4x4 stainless water tank sit within my vehicle?

Our Underbody water tank for the Prado 150 sits underneath the rear of the vehicle, and requires the genuine OEM Toyota Towbar for mounting. Installing the water tank underneath takes advantage of previously unused space, and keeps the weight lower in your vehicle.

Will the stainless steel water tank 4x4 affect my ability or performance off-road?

Our 4x4 water tanks are developed to withstand the harsh conditions of off-road travel in Australia, and are made from sturdy and hard wearing stainless steel. They’re designed using 3D scanning to ensure a perfect fit, and the profiles have been designed to sit snugly within the underside of the vehicle, with an optimised departure angle.

How are your 4x4 water tanks made?

Our tanks are made from food-grade stainless steel in Australia, using precision laser cutting and TIG welding. They also come with all the fitting hardware required to fit the tank, as well as a quarter-turn lockable tap and water level sight gauge.

How tricky are they are to install?

Our tanks are designed to be simple and intuitive to install. We provide detailed installation instructions with all our tanks, and we also have a video installation guide if you get stuck.

Make sure you have plenty of water on your next off-road trip with our 4x4 water tank set up. Get yours today!