Are you prepping for your next off-road trip? Make sure you have everything you need and even get a bargain too by shopping our specials! Whether you’re looking for 4X4 essentials to make your trip easier and safer, or accessories to make your ride more comfortable, you’ll find plenty to love at KAON.

Optimise Your Storage

No matter where you’re headed, chances are it’s always going to feel like there’s not enough storage space for all your cargo. However, with KAON’s great range of storage and cargo products, you’ll suddenly find you’ve got space to spare!

For instance, our range of standalone shelves are perfect for not only optimising your in-car storage, but ensuring everything is neat and tidy too! Have a place for everything with shelves that make organising easy. Being able to quickly find the item you need can make for a safer, more enjoyable trip.

Another great way to extend your car’s storage capabilities is to take advantage of KAON’s huge selection of mounts. Mounting brackets are the perfect accessory for many must-have pieces of equipment, like Maxtrax recovery boards to fire extinguishers. This way, you’ll always store your necessary pieces of equipment or tools in the spot, so they can be quickly found and used in an emergency. Not to mention, proper storage will keep them in top condition for when you need them most.

Bring Your Best Mate Along

What’s a great off-road adventure without your best friend along for the ride? Bring your four-legged pal with you and keep them safe in your car with KAON’s collection of pet barriers. Pet barriers can be easily installed in a range of cars to make sure your pet stays put as you drive and doesn't distract you. Therefore, if you want to look after your buddy on your driving trip, make sure you have a pet barrier from KAON.

Get the Creature Comforts of Home Off-Road

Want to enjoy a cooked meal while camping but aren’t keen on starting a fire? Then you need to check out KAON’s range of portable, lightweight ovens and accessories that allow you to cook, bake, or simply warm food when travelling. Whatever food you have in mind — pizza, pies, or a pre-prepared meal — you can have them fully cooked, warm, and tasty anytime.

Plus, make sure you can take a restful break and enjoy your favourite camping food with our selection of camping tables, including rear drop-down models or ones to sit atop aftermarket rear drawers. They allow you to have a smooth, flat, and easily accessible surface if you need a quick place to eat or work comfortably. Perfect for roadside meals, emails, work video calls, hobby work tables, or a drink bar at the campsite, these tables are a roadside office, dining table and workbench all in one!

Make Sure Your Car Is up to the Test

Before you hit the road, it’s important that you know your car is ready for the challenges ahead. That’s why KAON also has a collection of engine and transmission guards to protect important components of your car. We also have transmission coolers to keep your engine running even when the going gets tough. Plus, we have engine tools for those quick checks and fixes.

Additionally, we have highly durable suspension coil strut spacers to keep your vehicle riding high. This can be a lifesaver when travelling off-road.

Plan Your Next Extra Special Off-Road Adventure With KAON!

Are you counting the days 'till your next off-road trip? Then, make sure you have everything you need for the best trip possible by shopping KAON’s specials. Shop high-quality equipment and 4WD accessories for all adventures, seasons, and situations.

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