Light Cargo & Pet Barrier and Barrier Shelf to suit Toyota LandCruiser LC100 / LC105 – 100 Series Wagons 
Concerned about unrestrained cargo moving about in steep off-road descents, or maybe you just want your furry friend to stay put in the back? A Light Cargo Pet Barrier helps keep everything secure in the back of your vehicle, while a compatible Barrier Shelf works to get you organised with a secure place to store smaller lightweight items. 

  • Quick and easy to install in under 10 minutes. 
  • Light Cargo Barrier and the Barrier Shelf mount using the rear grab handle points, ensuring there’s no drilling into the interior of your car 
  • The Barrier Shelf makes clever use of the most underutilised space in your vehicle – it’s interior vertical height.  
  • Slimline design allows for useful storage of lightweight items, whilst cut-outs still allowing a high level of visibility out the rear window. 
  • Precision laser cut and pressed steel, and powder coated in a textured matt black finish that is both hard-wearing and looks great.  
  • Compatible with child restraints and baby car seats. 
  • Designed to simplify mounting additional accessories, so you can personalise the way it fits into your setup. Cut-outs are compatible with MOLLE / PALS storage pouches.  
  • Half-barrier design allows you to use more of the cargo area. 
  • Adjustable brackets to accommodate varying seat positions. 

This barrier has not been tested to Australian Standards, and is intended as a pet barrier or for use when off-road.  
Our barriers are designed to be compatible with modern side and curtain-airbag systems, and as such there is clearance around all sides of the barrier to ensure unaffected airbag deployment. In rare instances, very small dogs may be able to get through the gaps provided for this clearance. 

Select whether your model has the rear grab handles facing Inwards or Downwards

  • 1 x Light Cargo Barrier to suit Toyota LandCruiser LC100 / LC105 
  • 1 x Barrier Shelf to suit Toyota LandCruiser LC100 / LC105 
  • All brackets and hardware required to fit the barrier are included. 

Australian Designed, Made and Owned. 

For full dimensions, load ratings, and other important details for this product, see the Product FAQ tab.


Do your Cargo barriers have vertical / up and down adjustment?

No, the barriers are not able to be adjusted vertically.


Can the barrier be used with baby and child car seats?

Yes, the barrier is compatible with child restraints and baby car seats.


Do your Barrier Shelves have vertical / up and down adjustment?

No, Barrier shelves have no vertical adjustment. They do have horizontal adjustment forwards and backwards within the vehicle to ensure correct alignment with a Cargo Barrier. Some Shelves come with slight adjustments to allow for levelling. 

Can the Barrier Shelf be used with baby and child car seats? 

Yes, the Barrier Shelf is compatible with child restraints and baby car seats. 

What's the difference between KAON Barrier Shelves and Standalone Rear Roof Shelves?  

Our Barrier Shelves are designed specifically for use in conjunction with our Cargo Barriers and are not freestanding.  
Our Standalone Rear Roof Shelves are designed to be freestanding and are not compatible with our Cargo barriers unless otherwise stated. 

How much can the Barrier Shelf hold? 

The shelf is rated to 10kg, suitable for storing lightweight and soft cargo only. 

SKU KS0388

Amazing Product

By: on 15 April 2021
This cargo barrier and shelf is perfect. It gives you so much more room to work with. The finish is sublime and extremely professional. I definitely recommend this and any product from KAON. Keep it going guys.

NOT FOR base model 105 series

By: on 21 January 2021
The cargo barrier/ soft luggage tray, are an awesome looking bit of kit, very sturdy and “easy” to install. I can see that it would be as described in the description as “no drilling or cutting” if you have a 100/105 series that is anything higher than a base model. As for myself, I have a 2003 base model 105 series Landcruiser, and it required me to drill two holes either side of my roof lining (to access the existing holes, where the rear cargo area grab handles would be in a GXL) Apart from that massive disappointment, the cargo barrier actually does look to be a good bit of gear, they should maybe cater to ALL models of 100/105 and have an options list to select from.

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